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3 Things Training Managers Need To Know Before Booking Training

By Team TrainingSeeker 5/6/2018

When you are in charge of finding safety training for employees, choosing the right course can prove to be challenging. With so many providers, course offerings, and course features it can be overwhelming to sort through the chaos and find a course that will serve your employees needs the best. Here are some things to look out for and keep in mind as you search for that perfect course!

Onsite or offsite training?

This is one of the biggest considerations you need to make regarding training. Do you bring a trainer to your location to teach your employees (onsite), or do you have your employees go to the trainer’s location (offsite)? There are many advantages and disadvantages of each type of training, here are some points to consider:

Mindset: Onsite training may make workers feel pressured to get back to work, or their emails, phone calls, deadlines, and tasks might weigh on their mind. On the other hand, offsite training may make workers feel like they have a day off from work. Both mindsets could have an impact on retention, engagement, and active participation.  

Training Space: If you choose to go with onsite training consider if you have an appropriate training space at your location. Having an appropriate training space at your location is imperative to effective training, retention, and engagement. Most trainers will ask about your available space, but it’s always good to keep it in mind when you start your search! When you book offsite training, chances are the training provider will have a teaching space that is effective and conducive to teaching and demonstrating.

Travel/Accessibility: Travelling to a training provider can prove to be a challenge for some workers if they don’t have access to a vehicle, or the provider is not close to public transit. Other things to consider are whether locations can accommodate employees accessibility needs, and/or if the employer will be reimbursing any travel fees.


Teaching methods and accommodations

One of the biggest challenges any manager faces in the workplace is organizing and accommodating all the different generations in the workplace. In any given workplace there could be 4-5 generations (Traditionalists, Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, Gen Z). Each generation has specific traits, characteristics, and styles that could impact the way they learn. There might be some learning needs and language needs that might have to be accommodated. Choosing a training provider who can accommodate all the different learning styles and needs is imperative to successful safety training, so every employee can get the most out of the training needed to stay safe at work!

Type of training

In addition to getting a well-rounded, high-quality safety education it is equally important for your employees to get training that is relevant to their job function and responsibilities. You want to ensure that the learning outcomes and objectives of a course are in-line with the tasks, machinery, and equipment a worker performs or uses on a regular basis. Also, consider a workers experience or newness to a job when choosing a safety training provider and course.

New or inexperienced workers: A new worker may not have a solid understanding of the specific hazards, equipment, and tasks that they might regularly encounter on the job so extra preparations might be necessary to ensure new workers get the most out of their training.

Experienced workers, management, supervisors: More experienced workers, upper management, and supervisors who oversee workers have a unique responsibility to understand their charges tasks, job functions, and hazards, and understand how employee and supervisor safety responsibilities intersect. Supervisors should also have an understanding of how their role as a supervisor may require extra, or advanced training to be able to appropriately deal with different health and safety situations that may arise.


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Team TrainingSeeker