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3 Ways to Reinforce What Your Employees Learn

By Team TrainingSeeker 9/10/2017 2 minutes

Your employees just finished training course and you've made sure that all the boxes are checked. Your training matrix is updated. The workers have their certificates. Everything looks good and you think workers are good to go. Think again!

It is often cited that 70% of new knowledge is lost 1 day after training and reinforcing what your employees just learned is as important as the training itself. How will you know if the knowledge gained in the classrom will stick? Here are a few of ways you can help your workers keep that new knowledge or skill:

1. Docendo Discimus — While we teach, we learn.

Since ancient times, human’s have known that one of the best ways to ensure that a student comprehends a subject or skill, was to to have that student explain what they learned to someone else. Modern day research has shown that when we are tasked with teaching another person, we are forced to break down what we learned and in turn understand it better ourselves. Ask an employee who has just completed a course to teach the key elements she has learned to a co-worker that may be undertaking the same training in the future.

2. Start or Join an Online Forum.

Discussion and conversations about a particular topic doesn't just have to happen face to face. Start or join an online group based on that particular skill or program. One of the best ways is to create or join a LinkedIn Group. You can search out existing groups by using LinkedIn’s search feature to join an existing group or you can create a new group focused on a particular topic, skill or industry.

3. Create Accountability

Make it a habit that after an employee attends a training event, they come back to work and present their key takeaways to a group of peers. This type of exercise helps people synthesize what they’ve learned and holds them more accountable to themselves and their team. Next time, ask the worker with the freshest knowledge on a particular topic to lead the morning toolbox talk or speak at the next lunchtime speaking club meeting.

Your Job Is To Make Sure

There’s no use in your employees spending time learning in class, if you’re just going to file away the results. By having your workers present and discuss what they just learned, your employees will be challenged, prepared, and more motivated to ensure that their learning journey does not stop with leaving the classroom. Your job does not end with sending that person on a course, only to have them come back and not share their experience or new knowledge.

What about you? How do you reinforce learning? Share your tips in the comments section below! Follow us on Twitter and come back for more helpful advice on everything related to training and training management.


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Refreshing critical safety concepts, procedures, or methods during group safety meetings is also important. Everyone should be in attendance, so it's a great opportunity to ensure coverage across the unit, branch or division. It's also important that the workers are engaged by answering your questions (don't just give them the answer). Also avoid technical safety jargon if possible, keep language ... more as concise, clear, and plain spoken as possible. I would also recommend that any training should include a variety of delivery methods (visual, text, tactile, verbal, etc). Far too often, managers throw a thick book of text at their workers and expect them to memorize everything, when in fact complex procedures should be accompanied by visual aids. People interpret visual information much quicker than text (about 60,000x faster) and retain much more of the information after 1 day.
I have spent way too many days and weeks dealing with the results of forgetting that safety is an attitude NOT a classroom topic. My goal is to put myself out of work as an industrial rescue professional!!