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Common Sense Marketer: TrainingSeeker Edition

By Team TrainingSeeker 5/23/2018

Listen to the podcast here! 

Have you ever wondered how TrainingSeeker came to be? What sparked the idea for a marketplace for occupational health and safety training, and how did we go about bringing some of Canada’s best training providers together in one easy-to-use website?

TrainingSeeker’s founder, Marko Babic, sat down with Marie Wiese for an episode of The Common Sense Marketer podcast. He answers those questions and explains the vision and motivation behind creating TrainingSeeker, and talks candidly about his struggles and triumphs. Keep reading for a summary of the podcast! 

The Idea

As part of his job working as a health and safety coordinator in Alberta, finding and booking training courses for employees was part of Marko's everyday responsibilities. So when booking a flight to Hamilton, Ontario one day, it occurred to Marko that why couldn’t finding safety training be as easy and convenient as booking a flight?

The Journey Begins

Marie Wiese asked what were some of the things that Marko did to start his entrepreneurial journey:

1)    Research, research, research
2)    Reach out to contacts in search of initial validation for your idea
3)    Connect to the entrepreneurial world and the start-up community (i.e. Chamber of Commerce, and regional innovation centres)

The Response

With TrainingSeeker growing, Marie asked what the reception from the market has been like. Occupational health and safety, and safety training is a very traditional industry. However, the response from the industry has been more encouraging than negative, with three distinct positions emerging:

1)    The early adopters: Very enthusiastic and excited individuals and companies who have been eager to jump on board from beta, to launch, to present day. We couldn’t do it without them!

2)    The weary ones: This group is a little suspicious of the internet and technology.

3)    The fence-sitters: These individuals are mostly enthusiastic and optimistic for TrainingSeeker but are the tiniest bit hesitant. They keep a supportive eye on our journey and want to see how we are doing and where we are going. Every week we see more fence-sitters join Team TrainingSeeker.

The Challenges

No start-up and no entrepreneurial journey is without its challenges here are three challenges Marko has faced in the past 12 months:
1)    Having an analog youth, but a digital upbringing and not being a tech founder
2)    Funding
3)    Juggling a family, military, consulting, and community obligations


While there are some challenges to being an entrepreneur, there are also some definite wins. As a follow up to the podcast, we asked Marko what are the best things about being an entrepreneur?

1)    Meeting people from accomplished and diverse professional backgrounds, and learning from them
2)    Working/celebrating/problem solving with the passionate individuals that make up Team TrainingSeeker 
3)    Getting to build something from the ground up 

Spoken Like A True Entrepreneur

If you didn't have time to listen to the whole podcast (you should, it's really great) here are two notable quotables from Marko:  

“I’ve learned the hard way…they say the best thing to do is to learn from other peoples mistakes and don’t make them yourself. But there are also valuable lessons to be learned in making those mistakes yourself.”

“If you keep on fighting you’ll find innovative ways at finding a solution”

Listen to the podcast here! 

Team TrainingSeeker