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How To Keep Students Engaged Before, During, and After Class

By Team TrainingSeeker 6/7/2018

While the importance and necessity of safety training aren't lost on health and safety professionals, sometimes students might be a little less than enthusiastic about sitting through a class. Here are some tips to get students excited before they come to class, keep them engaged in the material, and have them leave feeling positive about their experience!

Before Class

Getting a student excited to attend your training course is something all providers should aspire to. This starts with a perfectly executed course listing. Not only should your course listing be unique and informative, it should also have these key features to attract students, encourage interaction, and get them excited to do business with you. Check out our post on writing a great course listing

FAQ’s: All top-performing courses list frequently asked questions. Having FAQ’s cuts down on students asking multiple simple and repetitive questions.  

Encourage communication: Some students have questions that won’t be addressed in the FAQ section. Encourage the student to reach out to you through the TrainingSeeker messaging system.

Prompt replies: When you encourage students to interact with you, be ready to respond and interact back. Not only are prompt, friendly, and helpful replies and fast booking acceptances great customer service, students will get excited to interact with your business in-person as you’ve just set the tone for a positive experience. Beware, the opposite is also true! If you take too long to reply to a message or too long to accept a booking, students will be less enthusiastic about going to training.

During Class

It’s training day! While for you it may just be another day doing what you do best, this could be a new experience for the students in your class. You want to make sure you leave them with a great experience and have them engaged with the material from the beginning of class to the end. We asked one of our training providers from AlphaSoteria, what are some things that he does to keep students engaged and ensure that they take the course material seriously. Here are some of his best tips! 

Be funny: Using humour naturally draws and keeps peoples attention. Just make sure you’re not offending your audience or going too far.

Use examples: Use real-world examples to illustrate hazards, risks, and consequences. People are more likely to engage, remember, and take seriously the course material if it’s applied to real-life events.

Encourage participation: Every student has a story and/or an experience that can relate to the course material and enrich the learning experience. Have them share it with the class. These stories can be great spring-boards for meaningful discussions.

Use videos: Videos are a great way to break-up the day. Just try finding videos that are modern, funny, and informative.

After Class

Class ends and you may breathe a sigh of relief, but student interaction and engagement shouldn’t end there! To ensure a well-rounded experience you must follow up with students after the class has ended. While we at TrainingSeeker follow up with students at various points of their customer journey, as the training provider at least one email after class ends is needed. Your follow up(s) should include four key points:
Thank-you: Always thank the student for attending your course. A personalized thank you from a business really makes a customer feel valued and appreciated. A well-crafted follow-up email really solidifies a great customer service experience.

Reviews: Part of a strong thank-you is to ask the student if they enjoyed the class and to let you know their thoughts by leaving a review. Link to your TrainingSeeker course page to have the student leave a review on that particular course, or you can link to your TrainingSeeker provider profile page and have them leave a review about your business. Encourage students to upload photos and videos.

Social media: We want to keep students engaged after class ends, and a great way to do that is to invite students to follow you on social media. If you really want to keep students engaged, have them follow us on social media too!

Affiliate program: Reward students that have a great experience with your training class. Invite them to become TrainingSeeker affiliates. They can share your courses with people in their network or company and earn money for every sale they create for you! Learn more about becoming an affiliate by clicking here

Have a tip to add to our list? Leave it in our comments sections! 

Team TrainingSeeker