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Confined Space
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Weekly on Saturday
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8:30 AM
8 hours
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Weekly on Saturday, until Aug 31, 20198:30 AM8 hours
Course Information
Workers who enter or monitor confined spaces as part of their work duties are required to receive training in the unique hazards posed by that environment.

Atmospheric hazards, assess hazards, entrapment, engulfment, and many other dangers lurk in confined spaces. In addition, rescue from these spaces is often slow, technical, and difficult.

Our OSSA / Energy Safety Canada™ certified Confined Space Entry Monitor program provides the workers who enter or monitor confined spaces with the necessary knowledge to work safely and effectively in confined spaces on the worksite.

This Confined Space Entry Monitor course is certified by the Oil Sands Safety Association (OSSA / Energy Safety Canada)™ and is recognized on all OSSA / Energy Safety Canada™ partnership worksites in northern Alberta.

Participants of this one-day course will learn:
  • Hazards of confined spaces. ­ What unique hazards to confined spaces exist, and how they are controlled.
  • Preparation for entry ­ What steps must be undertaken in preparation for entry into a confined space? In OSSA / Energy Safety Canada™ -regulated sites, what permit processes must be followed?
  • Working in confined spaces. ­ What considerations must be given to various kinds of work in a confined space?
  • Use of SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) or SABA (Supplied Air Breathing Apparatus) ­ How to use breathing apparatus devices within confined spaces, and what device is best suited for what application.
  • Post-entry debriefing. ­ How to explore what went right and wrong in a confined space entry, and how to learn from both success and failures.
  • Legislative Standards. ­ What legislation governs both confined space entry and confined space monitors?
  • Classification of Confined Space Entries (Oil Sands Safety Association Recognized Code of Practice) ­ How are Confined Space Entries classified in OSSA / Energy Safety Canada™ -regulated worksites? What unique classifications and regulations must be adhered to on their sites?
  • Hazardous Atmospheres & Testing ­ What classifies a hazardous atmosphere and how is it tested safely?
  • Entry Authorization. ­ How is entry controlled, recorded, and restricted appropriately?
  • Duties & Responsibilities ­ What duties and responsibilities do workers and monitors have, regarding confined spaces?
Confined and restricted spaces present a serious risk of injury or death in the event of accidents or untrained use; our OSSA / Energy Safety Canada™ certified Confined Space Entry and Monitor program provides skills and knowledge to protect you and your personnel.
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Edmonton, Alberta
Confined Space Course Type
The objective of the OSSA Confined or Restricted Space Entry / Confined Space Monitor Training Standard is, to ensure that end-users demonstrate basic knowledge and proficiency in ... morethe identification and classification of Confined Spaces and in the identification of Restricted Spaces.

End-Users required to enter Confined or Restricted Spaces must be trained in the recognition of the risks and hazards associated with Confined or Restricted Space Entry, and understand the methods of controlling these associated risks and hazards.

Training must emphasize that for a Level 1 and 2 Confined Space Entry, additional training may be required depending on hazard assessment and /or work specific requirements (e.g. gas detection, supplied breathing air apparatus, air purifying respirator, etc.).

This is the minimum standard that must be met in order to receive Accreditation as a Confined or Restricted Space Entry / Confined Space Monitor Training Provider from the OSSA.
Energy Safety Canada brings together the best of two industry leaders in safety - Enform and Oil Sands Safety Association (OSSA). Energy Safety Canada will be a respected, globally ... morerecognized authority with deep oil and gas safety expertise that improves safe work performance.

As a new national voice, Energy Safety Canada will advance the work of its legacy organizations, to reach a goal of zero injuries and incidents. Energy Safety Canada is focused on creating standards to help the oil and gas industry arrive at one clear, simple and agreed-upon way of performing work safely.
The Oil Sands Safety Association (OSSA) is a non-profit organization made up of representatives from Syncrude Canada, Suncor Energy, Shell Albian Sands and Canadian Natural Resources, ... moreas well as volunteer members from the labour providers, union, area contractors and learning providers.

Programs endorsed by OSSA have been designed for those workers who require fall protection when working at heights in the Province of Alberta and on Oil Sands Safety Association (OSSA) sites (Syncrude Canada, Suncor Energy, Shell Albian Sands and Canadian Natural Resources).
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