Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) Side by Side Course - BC ATV Training - Aldergrove, BC

Open to Public This course is available for public registration as well as private on-site requests
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Health & Safety
Health & Safety Course Category
Off Road Safety
Course Information
The Canada Safety Council (CSC) UTV (side-by-side) safety training course provides hands-on training, with emphasis on the safety implications relating to each lesson.

This course will increase your safety awareness and skills, identify your abilities and your UTV’s capabilities, and introduce strategies to identify and manage risks.

Course Outline:
  • Introduction to Safety Awareness
  • Preparing to Ride
  • Getting Familiar With Your UTV
  • Starting Your UTV
  • How to Ride
  • Turning
  • Quick Stops and Swerving
  • Riding Strategies
  • Riding Over Obstacles
  • Riding On Hills
  • Safe Riding Practices
  • Loading and Unloading Machines
What We Provide:

BC ATV Training provides students with quality, Canada Safety Council certified instruction. We teach using a mix of theory and practice to allow students to acquire new skills and test them in a safe and controlled environment.

BC ATV Training will provide UTV's, DOT-approved helmets and Hi-Vis Vests.

What Do You Need?

Prior to every course, students will be given a study manual and course overview.

Students must come to the course equipped with the following:
  • PPE/Personal Protective Equipment (safety glasses, gloves and appropriate footwear such as steel-toe boots, or hiking boots).
  • All-weather clothing. 
  • Food and drinks for breaks and lunch. 
Each student receives:
  • UTV RiderCourse Workbook
  • Each student who successfully completes the course will receive:
  • Student Certificate of Completion (CSC) & Decal
Canada Safety Council ATV/UTV Training geared towards industrial/commercial applications of these vehicles. This certification course is nationally recognized in all Provinces. Course ... morepricing is all-inclusive and includes pre-course reading material, on-site instruction, machine rental, fuel, required safety gear, Instructor travel expenses, land usage fees and course completion certification.

We offer mobile trading where we will attend to your site to conduct training utilizing your equipment or we can supply machines onsite. Primary training sites are located in Aldergrove, BC for the lower Mainland and Nanaimo area for Vancouver Island. Other sites are available throughout BC. 

Courses can be scheduled around your time frame, often on short notice, schedule permitting.

To request on-site training: https://trainingseeker.com/Onsite-Training-Request/
Business Location:
Gillies Bay, British Columbia
Off Road Safety Course Type
This course is needed to train employees to safely operate utility-terrain vehicles (UTVs), which are motorized off-highway vehicles.... more

Utility Task Vehicle or Utility Terrain Vehicle, also known as UTV’s are more commonly known as side-by-sides. These off-road vehicles have also been referred to as ROV’s or recreational off-highway vehicles and completion of a UTV course has become mandatory on many jobs sites for employees and sub-contracted personnel.

A UTV is designed to be a safe vehicle when used as intended. The key to safe operation is YOUR knowledge of the vehicle; recognizing and accepting it as a motorized vehicle; respecting its capabilities and its limitations; varying operating conditions; and good judgement and courtesy. Recognizing your own capabilities and limitations is also a very important factor for the safe operation of your UTV.

The UTV Rider Course is nationally recognized course that meets Occupational Health and Safety Standards. This course is a 6-1/2 to 8-hour training program operated by CSC certified instructors.
Maximum Participant:
8 people
Cancellation Policy
No Cancellations
  • Cancellations made at a later date will not be refunded.
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