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Write A Course Listing That Sells More Seats

By Team TrainingSeeker 6/1/2018

We’ve examined some of our top performing course listings and have come up with 6 easy-to-apply tips to make your course listing more engaging and appealing for students. Have a tip to add? Let us know in the comments!

1. Have an interesting introduction

Having a rock solid, interesting course description will be the bread and butter of your course listing. However, having a strong and captivating introduction will pull students in. Don’t wait for the second or middle paragraph to become engaging, hook students right from the get-go with an introduction and descriptions that are interesting, exciting to read, and prompt them to ask questions and keep reading!

2. Focus on the student 

Your course listing is generally the first interaction a Seeker has with your brand and business, so make sure their experience is always at the forefront. Accurately capturing and conveying the student experience is paramount to writing a good course listing. Students and training managers are the ones reading your course listings, so make sure you check to see if your listing is well rounded and doesn’t bring up any questions it doesn’t answer. 

3. Update your listings regularly

An out-of-date listing, or a listing that does not have a variety of available dates, is missing a lot of opportunities to convert seekers into buyers. Make sure the available dates, start times, and end times are all accurate and promptly reflect any seasonal changes. By updating your listing regularly you can also A/B test the content of your listing. Try putting in a little-known fact or statistic in your content and see how much engagement you get.

4. Include FAQ's 

Is your course held outside in the rain or sunshine? Is there a limit of people per class? Do you accommodate any accessibility needs? Is your location wheelchair friendly? Do students need to bring anything to class with them? These are some of the common things students may want to know. Make sure you answer these questions, and if you’ve noticed students coming to you with the same question time and time again, it would be a good idea to update your listing to address those questions or answer it in the FAQ section.

5. Student reviews 

Online reviews are said to impact 67% of purchasing decisions*, and 84% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations*. Encourage your students to post a review about their experience in your course. This will help make Seekers feel like they are making the right choice booking your course!

6. Be Unique

Copying and pasting content is a big no-no! Having unique and original content in your listing is of the utmost importance. Not only does being unique encourage interaction and engagement from students, it also helps your listing show up more frequently, and higher, in Google search listings! This means that students will be able to find your course easier, and if you’ve applied all the tips in the post, once they find your course they’ll want to book it!

Add your tips or questions in the comments!

Team TrainingSeeker